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French president’s dog interrupts meeting with a pee, video goes viral

PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron met with his government members, but its projection in the media was eclipsed by a dog who ‘leaked’ against a gilded fireplace behind the French leader.

Video emerged showing the pooch peeing as the French leader was meeting with members of his government.

The video, first posted by the French LCI news channel, shows Macron meeting with three junior ministers as the dog named Nemo lifts its leg and begins relieving himself noisily behind them — to the laughter of the politicians.

“I wondered what that noise was,” said Brune Poirson, junior minister for ecology, as translated by the BBC.

French dog pee

“He is doing something quite exceptional,” Macron explained.

“It happens often?” asked Julien Denormandie, junior minister for planning.

“No,” Macron said, still laughing. “You have triggered a totally unusual behavior in my dog.”

It is a tradition for French presidents to have a “first dog.”

Nemo isn’t the first French presidential dog to cause trouble. Nicolas Sarkozy’s dogs damaged thousands of euros’ worth of valuable furniture in the palace, according to French investigative website Mediapart.




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