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From sustaining a bullet in both his arms to being the 13th elected President of Pakistan today; Arif Alvi’s journey is nothing short of inspiring

The two chambers of the Parliament – National Assembly and Senate – and four provincial assemblies elected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Arif Alvi as 13th President of Pakistan with a sizable majority.

If we go 50 years back to this day,

1969 – Arif Alvi – a young President of the student union and a strong advocate of democracy.

His political activism even got him shot twice during protest in Ayub’s era.

1977 – He made his political debut as election candidate from  PNA but failed to take part due to opposition’s boycott.

1996 – Dentist by profession, Dr. Alvi became one of the founding members of PTI

1997 – Like 100 other candidates of PTI including Imran Khan, Alvi also lost in elections.

2013 – Alvi became the only elected member of the NA from PTI in Sindh.

Arif Alvi

2018 – Re-elected to NA from the same Clifton constituency.

Arif Alvi

September, 4th 2018 – Dr. Arif Alvi became the 13th president-elect of Pakistan.

Alvi still carries a bullet embedded in his right arm as a mark of his struggle for democracy.

Throughout Alvi’s political struggle, one thing persisted; his admiration for his leader Imran Khan.

Provisional results show PTI’s Arif Alvi is elected 13th President of Pakistan, take a look at all his predecessors



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