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Fruits’ boycott perturbs profiteers on campaign’s first day

KARACHI: A three-day campaign against buying fruits on exorbitant prices in the fasting month of Ramzan had sent a positive message to the profiteers on it’s day first when a lack of customers in the market perturbed the fruit vendors, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The fruit vendors on first day of the campaign over lack of customers said that it’s not their fault if they get something expensive from wholesalers.

Albeit, the campaign ran into trouble online for divided opinion but it had an enormous effect on the ground with a huge number of citizens boycotted buying fruits on day first of the campaign.

The boycott was called by civil society and the the groups representing consumer interest due to inflated prices of fresh fruits by up to 300 per cent during the month of Ramazan.

Residents lamented that every year during the Ramazan an alarming increase in prices of fruits is witnessed besides hike in prices of groceries with government watching the entire episode as a silent spectator. They were of opinion that the vendors indulge in profiteering, negating the holy month’s message of piety and tolerance.

Citizens from other cities including Peshawar and Lahore are also joining the campaign and similar situation was witnessed in fruit markets of those cities yesterday.



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