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Furious 7 cast remembers Paul Walker

Paul Walker was one of the biggest stars of his generation and captivated audiences with his high-octane performances in The Fast and the Furious film franchise. When the star cast from the latest, upcoming installment Furious 7 gathered at the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, they spoke at length about the deceased actor.

Vin Diesel, who played the main role of Dom Toretto, a racing outlaw who has a falling out with Brian O’Conner in the start of the films series, seemed emotional at the event. “It sounds crazy, but you leave the movie with tears of joy. Everything reminds me of Paul,” added Diesel. Vin was so attached to Walker that he named his daughter Pauline, in honor of the late actor.

Jordana Brewster also spoke on the occasion. She has plays the character of Brian’s wife Mia. “The tribute is also really beautiful and it’s such a good representation of the 15 years of work he put into the franchise,” she said. She further went on to say that Walker’s performance in the movie was ‘really, really good.’

Tyrese Gibson, who plays the street-smart racer Roman, sported a shirt with Paul’s face on it. He was certain the tribute offered in the movie to Walker would be received well by his family and friends.

Furious 7 will be released worldwide on Friday, April 4th 2015. Ever since Walker’s tragic accident, much speculation has arisen as to how his absence would be handled and dealt with. Expectations of fans for the movie are at an all-time high and the cast seems certain their showing won’t disappoint them.

Furious 7 Trailer by teasertrailer

Furious 7 will also star big named celebrities such as Kurt Russell, Rhonda Rousey and Jason Statham.



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