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WATCH: Furious farmer flips man’s car with tractor over ‘blocking his gate’

In a shocking incident, a furious farmer flipped a man’s car with his tractor and pushed it down the road over blocking his farm gate in County Durham, England.  

In a video that went viral on social media, a farmer, Robert Hooper,  can be seen driving a telehandler at his farms in Barnard Castle. He turned furious after seeing a car that was blocking his gate after it was left parked on his land.


The grower speeds up as he approaches a stationary grey car – before ramming it towards the main road.

Meanwhile, a shirtless man trades barbs with the farmer and kicks the tyres of the telehandler. However, the farmer continues to ram the car off the land onto the road while the man desperately tries to stop him.

After dumping the car on the road, the telehandler suddenly reverses and swings around, knocking the man to the ground, Mail Online reported.

The video was posted on Snapchat by a man called Elliot Johnson. He captioned it: “Glad it was just me courtesy car.”



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