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Police kill ‘aspiring chemical engineer’ for not stopping his bike

Shehryar, a future chemical engineer, was on his way to Sea View along with his friends that he fell prey to police brutality in Gizri. The cops signaled the youth to pull over, but he failed to timely apply the brakes and stopped a few meters away from the police picket.

The boy after pulling over his bike was returning to the cops that one of the policeman shot him in the head.

Shehryar was taken to a hospital where he after fighting the death for the whole night succumbed to the deadly wound early this morning.

The cops, Hamza and Mudassir, who fired at the youth were taken into custody and locked up. Hamza terming the incident ‘a mistake’ said that he felt ashamed of it.

Shehryar was a student of chemical engineering and youngest of all siblings.



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