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Gabol claims arrest of Baloch, Siddiqui

Gabol, who has a habit of revealing controversial secrets on his Twitter has dropped another bombshell by claiming online that the Peoples’ Aman Committee leader Uzair Baloch and former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) stalwart Hammad Siddiqui are now under the custody of Pakistan’s agencies.

The former MNA further said that both the self exiled leaders were shifted to Rawalpindi.

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Hammad Siddiqui is the former head of MQM Karachi Tanzeemi Committee Incharge, he was sacked on May 21, 2013 when the party chief Altaf Hussain decided to dissolve KTC for violating party discipline.

Several MQM target killers and criminals in the past have accuesed Hammad Siddiqui of ordering them to carry out criminal activities in Karachi but Siddiqui could not be arrested as he was in UAE.

The other suspect, Uzair Baloch is the head of banned Peoples’ Aman Committee and is wanted in a number of cases.

Uzair Baloch was in Dubai.




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