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Gabol questions Babar Ghauri’s progress from ‘waiter to millionaire’

In his exclusive interview at ARY News programme ‘Khara Sach’ hosted by Arif Hameed Bhatti, Gabol, former Mutahidda MNA, took exception to the MQM and blasted its leaders for their ‘involvement’ in corruption and wrongdoings.

“Babar Ghouri was a waiter at a local Karachi restaurant and he became one of the top millionaires of Pakistan,” he asked how that became possible.

Gabol said he was unfit in ‘ Mutahidda Qaumi Movement’, which actually is Muhajir Qaumi Movement.

Blacksheep within MQM

He claimed that some Rabita Committee leaders even wait for Altaf Hussain to be imprisoned so they could rule the roost. “I even told Mr. Altaf Hussain that 70 per cent of Rabita Committee leaders hold grudge against you.”

He told that Mr. Hussain had sent modern cameras to be installed at Nine Zero, however “some senior party leaders abandoned those cams so their activities could not be recorded.”

I am very happy to leave the MQM, said Gabol. He maintained that decision to quit MQM was his own, dispelling impression that he made that call on directions from ‘any other source’.

Murder plot

The disgruntled leader said he had intelligence about threats to him from within MQM. “Even Khursheed Shah told me about this plot and informed that PPP could be blamed for your murder,” unveiled the former MNA.

He hailed Rangers for their operation in Karachi and said it was targeted against all political parties.

He disclosed that Lyari gang war, run by Uzair Baloch, had prohibited weapons.

Hitting out at the Pakistan People’s Party, he said Sharjeel Memon was an estate agent seven years ago and now he owns four houses in DHA alone.

PPP protecting the corrupt leaders?

He said PPP Karachi president grabbed thousand acres of land and after much wealth-making he was suspended from the post.

Gabol disclosed that PPP MPA Sanya Naz was a spouse of Lyari gangster Amin Buledi. “A wife of a killer is PPP’s MPA,” he uttered.

He said a case should be lodged against Sharjeel Memon and Manzoor Wasan for their corruption.

Who’s backing supermodel Ayyan Ali?

Gabol said he had no proofs of support of Rehman Malik’s brother to model Ayyan Ali.

He said names of political leaders hit media headlines who came on spotlight while attempting efforts to save Ayyan Ali.



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