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Gal Gadot says her Wonder Woman was inspired by Princess Diana

There is more similarity between Wonder Woman Diana Prince and Britain’s Princess Diana than just their names, as confirmed by Wonder Woman Gal Gadot herself.

Talking to Vanity Fair for a virtual award season chat, Gadot revealed that her portrayal of Wonder Woman was directly inspired by the late Princess of Wales.

Gadot, who has essayed the role of Diana Prince since 2017 also said that director Patty Jenkins also drew similarities between the DC Comics hero and the beloved royal.


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“I remember watching a documentary about Princess Diana and there was a part where they said she was full of compassion and always cared for the people and that was like, ‘Ding, ding, ding,’ that should be the Wonder Woman we have,” said the 35-year-old star.

The mother-of-two added that she wanted to emulate a superhero who was inspiring and relatable, two defining characteristics of Princess Diana. How can you connect to a goddess that’s super strong and has it all and [is] super perfect?” I wanted to show her vulnerabilities and heart,” Gal Gadot explained about her character on-screen.

Currently, Gal Gadot is pregnant with her third child with husband Yaron Varsano, who she married in 2008. She is already a mother to two daughters, Alma (9) and Maya (3).



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