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‘Game of Thrones’ axed storyline: Daenerys wanted revenge for her brother’s death

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones axed storyline has been leaked which shows Daenerys Targaryen’s thirst to kill came much sooner than it played out on screen.

The leaked script reveals the story was similar to franchise creator George RR Martin’s original pitch. In that, Daenerys murdered her husband out of revenge for killing her god-awful brother Viserys (Harry Lloyd).

Although back in season two, when the leader of the Dothraki perished due to a cut becoming infected, he was saved by Mother of Dragons.

According to Daily Express UK, the pitch read: “Over across the narrow sea, Daenerys Targaryen will discover that her new husband, the Dothraki Khal Drogo, has little interest in invading the Seven Kingdoms, much to her brother’s frustration.”

“When Viserys presses his claims past the point of tact or wisdom, Khal Drogo will finally grow annoyed and kill him out of hand, eliminating the Targaryen pretender and leaving Daenerys as the last of her line.”

“Danerys [sic] will bide her time, but she will not forget.”

“When the moment is right, she will kill her husband to avenge her brother, and then flee with a trusted friend into the wilderness beyond Vaes Dothrak.”

”…Then she begins to plan for her invasion of the Seven Kingdoms.”

If the plot remained true to the original plot, fans would have gotten to see a completely different Daenerys who always had plans to become the cruel leader of the Seven Kingdoms.



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