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After a hot cup of joe, ‘GOT’ finale shows packaged water bottle

The biggest TV show on earth has made another blunder, first it was a coffee cup from a famous coffee chain and now a plastic water bottle, something certainly not available in the time of dragons.

The multi-million dollar production encapsulates the fictional depiction of two powerful families consisting of, kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men.

As unforgettable as the ‘coffee controversy’ was, it earned the famous coffee chain a revenue upwards of $2.5 million after being seen on the most sought after television series in the world. The production house then smartly removed the now ‘infamous’ goof up from the scene but, what is uploaded on the internet, stays on it forever.

The finale which has garnered mixed reviews thus far leaving many disappointed and some cry with the emotional investment they made through the eight seasons the show was on-air.

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The show which is hailed as a production masterpiece in the eyes of many with an estimated budget of $6 million to “at least” $8 million per episode has left fans disappointed with two production blunders in the final season with some labeling the mis-hap as ‘lazy’.

A still from a scene of the final episode of the iconic series shows a plastic water bottle with no visible branding underneath a sitting stool.

A plastic water bottle being pointed out after the scenes showing Daenerys Targaryen unleashing death and destruction upon the city of Westeros with the city reduced to ash and rubble made for a comedic gag which took from the seriousness of the final epsiode, some twitterati’s opined.



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