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Garbage dump fire kills three children in Karachi’s Lyari

KARACHI: Garbage dump fire in Karachi’s Lyari area engulfed a residential building on Monday night leaving three children dead, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The deadly fire that started from a heap of garbage in Khadda Market building in Lyari engulfed an adjacent residential flat in the congested locality. Thick smoke from the fire suffocated Umair, wife Shaheen and three children Amna, Azizullah and Aaliyan, local people said.

The five victims of the fire transferred to a local hospital where three children were died of suffocation and burn injuries, while their parents Umair and Shaheen have been in precarious condition and fighting for their life in the hospital.

The local people have complained belated response from the fire brigade staff to the emergency situation.

Dry weather conditions in winter cause fires and deaths across Pakistan. Karachi, the largest city of the country needs large investments in civic facilities and emergency services to boost its creaking infrastructure and amenities.

The lack of proper garbage disposal facilities in the city push people to burn the trash, which cause the dirty city dirtier and create health hazards for the citizens.

The experts hold bad governance and lack of attention from the government as major causes of the problems faced by the citizens of the port city, which provides major chunk of revenues to the government exchequer.



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