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Goat with 1.7 million Facebook followers dies in Australia

MELBOURNE: An internet sensation named ‘Gary The Goat’ with massive 1.7 million Facebook followers has died in Australia. And his fans are deeply grieved.

“Gary died tonight aged six [on November 16 about 10:30pm] from euthanasia — after vets diagnosed a bleed from an acute heart tumour,” Dezarnaulds wrote on Gary’s Facebook page.

“The vets drained it once but when it came back 24 hours later we decided that Gary needed to go out peacefully and pain-free instead of being conscious while he couldn’t breathe.

In the 12 hours that followed, more than 44,000 comments have been left, and his farewell post has been shared more than 32,000 times.

Gary and his owner, comedian Jim Dezarnaulds, also known as Jimbo Baboozi, have been on tour in regional Queensland.

Gary The Goat

According to their website, the pair came together in 2011 when Dezarnaulds “bought a goat he named Gary for a carton of Emu Bitter, not realising the wonderful twists and turns his life would take from that moment on”.

Gary The Goat

“I was sleeping with him in the car,” Dezarnaulds told ABC’s The Real Thing late last year.

“I’d just give him a pat, a cuddle. About three days later I let him off the lead and said, ‘Go wherever you want, mate’. But he followed me. I realised he actually wanted to be with me. He wasn’t a hostage anymore.

Gary The Goat

“As much as the life I love on the road, you need company. I was just surprised how much I loved looking after him.”

In 2013. Gary’s notoriety grew when Dezarnaulds was fined $440 after police said he allowed Gary to eat plants and flowers outside Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Gary The Goat

Images taken via ‘Gary The Goat’ Facebook page

He was charged with destroying vegetation without authority. The case was later dismissed.



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