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Gas leak leads to discovery of bear family under home  

TENNESSEE: In a surprising incident, utility workers investigating a gas leak had to take a break when they discovered a bear family sleeping under the house in Tennessee.

According to the details, the utility workers arrived at the house on a complaint of gas leakage. During the investigation, the officials crawled under the house and stunned after finding a family of bears over there. They subsequently called wildlife officials for assistance.

“The crawl space beneath a home is not a great place for a bear den, especially if there’s a gas leak,” the bear rescue said, adding, “There was no way to know if the gas injured the bear, there was no way to safely repair the gas line while the bear was in residence, and there was no way to keep the home warm and habitable without repairing the gas line.”

Wildlife officials arrived at the scene and were successfully able to “encourage the big bear to leave the premises,” but they then discovered the bear was a mother and had left behind three young cubs.

The cubs were examined by the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and found to be in good health, United Press International reported.

They were then transferred to the Appalachian Bear Rescue, where officials said they are now hoping to find another mother bear in the wild to foster the cubs.



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