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Gas price revision’s notification issued by OGRA

ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) issued a notification of revised gas price for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, which would come into effect from July 1 (today).

As per the notification, the OGRA has set Rs121 per Million British Thermal Unit (MMBTU) for domestic consumers using up to 0.5hm3 (in cubic hectometers) gas per month, Rs300 per MMBTU for users of up to 1hm3, Rs553 per MMBTU for up to 2hm3, Rs738 on consumption of up to 3hm3, Rs1,107 and Rs1,460 per MMBTU for consuming up to 4hm3 and above 4hm3 respectively.

“The billing mechanism will be revised so that the benefit of one previous/preceding slab is available to the domestic consumer (residential use),” it said determining minimum charges at Rs172.58 per month.

For consumers where gas is supplied through bulk meters, the authority has fixed a flat rate of Rs780 per MMBTU, with minimum charges of Rs4,680 per month.

In the commercial sector, the gas authority set all off-takes at a flat rate of Rs1,283 per MMBTU for all establishments registered as commercial units. Minimum charges for these are Rs5,880.10 per month.

All off-takes for the industrial sector has been determined at a flat rate of Rs 1,021 per MMBTU.




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