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Gauahar Khan speaks about the slap incident

Famous Indian actress-model Gauahar Khan who was slapped by a fan in a musical reality show, addressed the media for the first time after the incident.

The actress admitted that she got scared after being slapped by a stranger on a TV show who objected her wearing short dresses. She said she knows some self defense skills but could not understand what happened as it was so sudden.

Everyone including Gauhar was thinking what made a guy so furious that he stood up and went to hit her. The actress said she respects the difference of opinion even if anyone points out his personal affairs also, things can be solved by dialogue why he had to opt for physical violence. The bewildered actress said  I wouldn’t wear a party dress to a prayer meeting or anything revealing on a college campus. But if it’s a social do or if I’m on a set, I can dress differently, can’t I?

Gauahar believes that different statements by certain opinion leaders about the appropriate attire of the women can be a catalyst behind the attack on her. The actress known for taking  strong stands against wrong in Bigboss 7, has taken a firm stand on this slap incident too and she wants the government to punish the assailant.

Many celebrities from bollywood stood-up for Gauhar on this shocking event like Farhan Akhtar, Varun Dhawan Arjun Kapoor and others for whom she said they are educated. The actress also put emphasis on the need of educating young boys about respecting women and considering them their equivalent rather than treating them as inanimate props.  The actress further said, “God has not created us to be ill-treated but to nurture each other. If something like this could happen to a celebrity, I shudder to think how unsafe women on the streets are.”



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