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GB Elections: PML-N wins majority with 14 seats

PTI, MWM and ITP have won two seats each, while two independents have won legislative seats  and PPP and JUI gained single seat each.

PML-N is expected to announce the name of its chief minister for the region soon.

Peoples Party who had won the last elections in the region have won single seat in the region.

Former GB chief minister Syed Mehdi Shah of the PPP has lost his Skardu constituency GBLA-7 (Skardu-1) where PTI’s Raja Jalal Hussain was frontrunner with 3,219 votes with PML-N’s Haji Akber Taban was close second with 3,166 votes. The election authorities have suspended the election result.

In Gilgit, Jaffarullah of the PML-N won the GBLA-1 seat with 6035 votes, PML-N’s Hafeez-ur-Rehman won GBLA-2 with 10096 votes, while Dr. Iqbal of the PML-N won the GBLA-3 seat with 7525 votes.

Kacho Imtiaz of MWM won GBLA-8 election with 10125 votes. Fida Mohammad of PML-N won from GBLA-9 Skardu-III with 4100 votes. Pakistan People’s Party’s Imran Nadeem won GBLA-12 seat with 10485 votes.

Farman Ali of PML-N emerge victorious in GBLA-13 constituency of Astore with 5181 votes. Janbaz Khan of PML-N won GBLA-16 seat from Diamir 3352 votes.

In Chilas constituency GBLA-18 PML-N candidate Mohammad Wakeel won with 3400 votes. An independent contender Nawaz Khan grabbed GBLA-19 (Ghizer) with 5195 votes.

PML-N’s Mohammad Hussain Advocate won with 6457 votes in GBLA-22 (Ghanche-1).

The result of GBLA-7 (Skardu-I) has been suspended. The Returning Officer will look into the rejected votes. The Army troops have sealed the RO office.

Former chief minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Mehdi Shah was a candidate contesting from GBLA-7 constituency.



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