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Geetika slaps Subhash for sexually molesting her

BOLLYWOOD: Subhash Kapoor, director of the critically acclaimed Jolly LLB came across the center of media’s attention when actress Geetika Tyagi slapped him.                      

The actress has accused Subash Kapoor of sexually molesting her. The molestation charge was leveled through a video link that was uploaded on You Tube. The video revealed the captured scenes happened in the private space. The video displayed Geetika slapping Subhash Kapoor hard even as the latter’s wife, Dimple Kharbanda is seen weeping inconsolably in the same frame.                                    

Subhash is heard saying that he is ashamed of what happened and is ready to face the consequences. Meanwhile, Dimple can be seen pleading with Geetika to keep the matter under wraps for the sake of her son who she felt would suffer from grave ignominy if the dirty linen were to be washed in public. 

The molestation charge has sent shockwaves through the industry, not everyone is convinced. 



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