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Gen. Sharif had assured military’s role of an ‘umpire’, claims Imran

While talking to newsmen in Islamabad on Thursday, Imran Khan said that the ISI cannot make the people take to streets.

He claimed that during his meeting with the Army Chief on August 18, General Sharif had assured him that the military will play the role of a neutral ‘umpire’ in the investigations of rigging of elections.

He said “Even the government had agreed upon this”.

Responding to a question, the PTI chairman said that the Kala Bagh dam should not be constructed without the consent of Sindh, adding that there exists enough fear among the people of Sindh over Kala Bagh dam.

Khan said the situation in Sindh is worse than in Baluchistan.

Moreover, he claimed that the people do not willingly participate in Bilawal Bhutto’s rallies; they are rather forced for it through different ways.



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