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Geo/Jang once again kicks-off anti-ISI campaign

According to details, Geo/Jang group is now conspiring to bring the members of the National Assembly (NA) face to face with the prime intelligence agency of Pakistan, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

The spokesperson of Geo/Jang group alleged that some ISI officials are behind the suspension of Geo News transmissions, while the Geo News administration has also threatened to hold a demonstration outside the ISI Headquarters.

The media organization also tried to pit the government against the national security institutions, by moaning that the premier, cabinet ministers and the members of the assembly lack courage.

On the other hand, the employees of the media organization are also being persuaded to go on a hunger strike against ISI.

Geo has further alleged that it is being threatened that its fate will also be decided, after the removal of Nawaz-government.

The Geo/Jang spokesperson claimed to have evidences in which it was advised that the head of group must quit it and sell out 50 percent of its shares, while the organization should also keep selected journalists.

It was further alleged that some elements are asking the media group to place the chief executive of their choice, while Rs 20-25 crore are also being demanded.

This is not the first time that the Geo/Jang group has come with a motive to defame the prestigious institutions of the state.

Despite the fact that the people of Pakistan have strongly boycotted the media organization, for disseminating controversial news and conspiring against security institutions, it still alleges the ISI of suspending its transmissions.



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