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George R. R. Martin hints at a better arc for Cersei Lannister in next book

Acclaimed author George R.R. Martin is currently in the midst of finishing up his next novel in the seven-book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, that inspired the mega-hit HBO show Game of Thrones, and luckily he has provided a promising update on his blog!

Much to fans’ elation, Martin has hinted at a more satisfying turn of events than the TV finale had to offer and could be working to fix some of the most disappointing character arcs, reported Inverse. According to Martin, the penultimate book in the series is a “big book” in which he focuses on a lot of characters.

“Of late I have been spending a lot of time with the Lannisters. Cersei and Tyrion in particular. I’ve also paid a visit to Dorne,” he wrote on his blog, providing some hope for the cunning and vengeful smart of Cersei.

In the HBO series, Cersei’s end was much criticised for being ‘disappointing’ after how much of a key player she had been through out the eight seasons of the show. She was killed off when Daenerys Targaryen burned down King’s Landing, crushing her to death beneath the rubble.


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In the books however, Cersei is still a major character – the fifth book left her at her demeaning walk of atonement through King’s Landing. While the show progressed much farther, carving out an entirely different story line from here on, the books have more room to rectify the show’s arc.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out where the story goes. Martin admitted that he had slowed down in June and July but has picked up pace again, indicating that he might be ready with the novel sometime in 2021.

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