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German ambassador gets a haircut from roadside barber in Karachi and Twitterati are loving it!

KARACHI: German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler is leaving no stone unturned while exploring the streets and culture of Pakistan. From paying a visit to a barber set on the streets to getting acquainted with delicious falooda he is experiencing it all and we are here for it!

Kobler has been posting about his adventures through his Twitter account. He has posted pictures of different star attractions of the country. From Islamabad’s most famous Monal restaurant to Karachi Railways station. He is checking off all the places to be from his ‘to go list’ with style!

Recently the  German Ambassador took to social media to tell his followers about an acquaintance he made with a roadside barber and getting a haircut from him too!

His tweet got him much appreciation from the Pakistani’s people and they didn’t hesitate to show it too.

Twitter users wrote;



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