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German student lives on train after refusing to pay rent

Twenty three-year-old German Leonie Müller had an argument with her landlord over the rent and decided not to pay him anymore. She decided to roam across Germany due to a pass which allows her to visit the entire country on a fixed rate.

“I realized that I didn’t want to live anywhere anymore”, Müller told a foreign news agency in an interview.

She used to pay $450 per month to her landlord but now she washes her hair, completes her assignments and visits whole of Germany for just $380 per month.

Müller also said that she feels like she is on vacation all of the time as she gets to travel the country alot. She added that she several of her friends have also opposed the idea of living on a train as it questions their way of life.

The German student has also launched a blog which she will be presenting as an assignment in college.



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