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Germans are in love with Pakistani ‘truck art’ bike

Martin Kobler, the former ambassador of Germany to Pakistan, is perhaps the most favorite and loved person in Pakistan and we can bet that he is equally fond of us.

During his ambassadorship in Pakistan, Kobler never left any chance to share his love for Pakistan on social media. After his retirement, we all thought that we may not see his affection-filled tweets about Pakistan again, but guess what? We all were wrong.

The recent tweet from Kobler has certainly convinced us that his ‘undying love and affection’ for Pakistan is there to stay forever.

Recently on Twitter, Kobler boastfully shared about his bike ride to a city of Germany and wrote: “Remember my Truck Art bike? Went to the historic city of Stralsund. Many asking everywhere: “where is this bike from ?” “It’s from Pakistan “I answer proudly!!!”

We must say that we are more proud to see Mr. Kobler representing Pakistan and its truck art to the people of Germany.

As if one tweet was not enough for our joy, the ex-envoy came up with another, acknowledging the popularity of his ‘truck art bicycle from Pakistan’ while riding it on a small island in the Baltic sea.

He also offered gratitude to ‘Hajji Pervez’ for painting the bike and wrote, “The Germans love it.”

On April 10, Martin Kobler left for Germany after completing his tenure of two years as an ambassador in Pakistan

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Donning a black sherwani, Kobler in his farewell video message, released on Twitter termed his tenure in Pakistan as successful and thanked people of Pakistan for their love and support. He also promised to visit the country as a tourist in the future.

From promoting Pakistan Post to his attempts to ride the local vehicle, Qingqi rickshaw, in Lahore, the former German ambassador has already won our hearts and is continuing to do so even after his departure from the country.

We surely miss you Kobler, come visit Pakistan soon!



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