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Get lost from India: Rakhi Sawant to Sunny Leone

She referred to Leone asking her to go back where she came from.

In her video message, Rakhi is seen responding to mean tweets written by others and in response to a tweet which reads that comparing Rakhi Sawant to Sunny Leone is like comparing bhel-puri to pasta, Rakhi says, “Yes, I am like bhel-puri and Leone is like pasta, so what!? Pasta is a foreign concept, quite artificial and very cheesy, not to mention unhealthy whereas bhel-puri is natural, spicy and tasty! So, would you like to have pasta or bhel-puri?”

A few days back, at an event, Sawant had said, “Sunny Leone, you just get lost from my India, you just get lost from my film industry. You go back to the US and eat your ‘lollipops’ there, not here ok … It’s because of you that people like me have to wear revealing clothes because everyone is demanding it these days,” she castigated.



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