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Not getting rights in the province, complains Babar Ghauri

Addressing a press conference at MQM Headquarter Nine-Zero today evening, Babar Ghauri said Urdu speaking community has always extended support to the people of Sindh on every issue either it was of Kala Bagh Dam or of NFC award.

MQM Leader said there was an assigned quota for urban residents in government employment but it happened for the first time that Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) employed their workers only on all the vacant position in Public Service Commission.

Giving reference of Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq’s statement that “Hyderabad University is not made to benefit Urdu speaking people”, Babar Ghauri asked to stop discriminating Urdu speaking community.

He questioned whether people belonging to Urdu speaking community are Pakistani or not adding that Muhahjir had sacrificed more than two millions lives for Pakistan.

Babar Ghauri vowed to raise voice if rights not given to Urdu speaking community.





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