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The story behind the Coke Studio version of Junoon’s ‘Ghoom Taana’

“I discovered four school going teenagers with confidence style and talent,” veteran musician Salman Ahmed said about Irteassh.

As the Coke Studio’s ‘Ghoom Taana’ is a hit, all know about Irteassh, the band who contributed to the track with the lead singer Momina Mustehsan.

But few know how Salman Ahmed discovered them and paved the way for them to perform at Coke Studio.


“Ayesha , Eman, Sajar & Simal were at a singing competition where I was a judge in January. I picked them out of 25 participants . Then I convinced Bilal & Faisal to give them a chance,” Salman Ahmed told ARY News exclusively during a casual chat.

Salman Ahmed further said that Momina who at age 18 sang ‘Ghoom Tana’ with him in New York also wanted to join these young girls to show another more hopeful , youthful exuberant side of Pakistan.

Salman Ahmed revealed that he changed the old sound to add a cinematic feel & the 20 piece support band “rocked it” .

“Pakistan is brimming with diverse talent, both male & female. we just need to give them a platform of arts & culture. They will succeed & show the world that Pakistan is a beautiful & rich country,” said Salman Ahmed about the four member band.



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