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‘Ghost’ seen driving stretcher in hospital

A spooky CCTV footage of a hospital shows an invisible force driving a stretcher to and fro then pushing it out of courtyard.

The eerie footage was caught on CCTV at a hospital of an Argentinean port city, Rosario and a number of people speculated that the force might be a ghost.

The footage shows an unattended stretcher drifting forward and then backward. Within few seconds the stretcher zooms around and falls out of the courtyard into a grassy land.

Watching the video clip, at first, you think this must be wind, but after looking around closely specially the trees and its still branches you realize that this is not wind moving the stretcher.

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The clip has been shared multiple times on social media erupting users into debate that whether the footage is real or a prank is being played.

Though the footage quality is fairly high for security camera but it is hard to believe if the movement was made using thin ropes, because you can see no such thing.



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