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Ghotki: Jirga orders chopping off hands of two youth over alleged theft

According to reports, a Jirga at the village near Ghotki, headed by influential landlord Anwar Laghari, ordered cutting of the hands of two youth Abdul Ghani and Muharram Laghari for allegedly stealing a rifle of the head of Jirga Anwar Laghari.

The two young men then taken to some unknown place to implement the order of the Wadera.

The families of the two young men have claimed their innocence and said that the influential landlord was himself complainant and also headed the jirga to punish the alleged thieves.

The relatives of the youth expressed fears about the safety of the two young men complaining that the local police acting as a spectator without taking any action against the violation of the law in the name of Jirga justice.



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