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Ghulam Ali gets support from India’s Aam Aadmi Party, following Shiv Sena threats

The recent Shiv Sena-Ghulam Ali row has sparked a debate in the Indian media and society. Whilst most Indian artists such as Shabana Azmi, Mahesh Bhatt and Dia Mirza have most recently criticized Shiv Sena’s thuggish attitude, Abhijeet Bhattachariya welcomed the move and even criticised the Pakistani ghazal maestro.

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However, India’s Aam Aadmi Party did not mince its words when it openly came out in support of the Pakistani singer. After Shiv Sena forced Ghulam Ali to cancel his concert in Mumbai and Pune, Aam Aadmi Party invited him to play in New Delhi, to which he assented.

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After stating that an army of workers would be deployed to ensure that Shiv Sena does not disrupt the event, Singh said that the primary responsibility of ensuring that things went according to plan and smoothly, was up to the Delhi police.

In Maharashtra, there is BJP’s police under Devendra Fadnavis, and in Delhi it is Modi’s police and the home ministry under Rajnath Singh which is looking after Delhi’s security. If need arises, we will deploy our army of party workers to ensure that the programme goes fine. We will not allow any kind of disruption in the event,” Sanjay Singh said.

Singh had issued the statement after Shiv Sena had threatened to protest again during Ghulam Ali’s Delhi concert. Shiv Sena had also been earlier instrumental in ensuring that Atif Aslam’s Pune concert was also cancelled, after organisers were threatened by the Hindu right-wing political group.

All eyes will be on Ghulam Ali, come November 8 2015 when his scheduled concert in New Delhi is held. Will AAP hold true to its promise of ensuring protection for the Pakistani singer or will things take a turn for the worse? We’ll get to know that on the day of Ghulam Ali’s scheduled concert!



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