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Giant crabs suddenly surround family during picnic  

In a terrifying incident, a family was suddenly surrounded by enormous crabs when they were enjoying picnic at Christmas Island in Australia.

According to the details, Amy Luetich and her family was enjoying a spring camping barbecue an idyllic Australian island when dozens of robber crabs, the largest land-living arthropod in the world, swarmed around them looking for food.

Luetich said, “We have camped in that area a few times and we have never seen so many robber grabs.'” She said when they arrived there were 20 under a tree, which had started to seed, Mail Online reported.

“But as soon as we started cooking, they swarmed around us. My son counted 52 of them.”

She said because they had lived on Christmas Island for a while they were used to seeing the robber crabs. “Then they started to climb up to the table, and another climbed onto the barbecue,” Luetich added.

“We kept our tents away from where we had eaten, but one of the families said the whole night they could feel one tapping on the outside of their tent.”  It is pertinent to mention here that Christmas Island has the largest population of robber crabs in the world.



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