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‘Giant rat’ discovered during clearance of drainage system

Workers cleaning an underground drainage system and passers-by were left stunned after they came face-to-face with a ‘giant rat’.

According to details, it happened in Mexico City, where workers were clearing 22 tons of litter from sewage tunnels when they discovered the incredibly lifelike ‘creature’ with realistic fur sat in a hunched over position.

The mystery around it was resolved after they came close to it to find that the ‘giant rat’ was a creative Halloween prop.

Pictures show the rat being hosed off having been returned above ground, leaving witnesses in disbelief as to how it could have squeezed into the drainage system in the first place.

It said people had marveled at just how much the oversized rat resembled a real rodent, claiming they would have “run away in fear” if they had seen it on the street.

It later emerged that the Halloween prop washed away from a warehouse during heavy storms in Mexico, leaving its owner clueless regarding its absence and only to be found sitting in an underground drain.

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According to local media report, a woman named Evelin López came forward to claim ownership of the prop, saying she had collected materials to create the rat for Halloween, but it had disappeared years ago when heavy rain washed it away.

She said when she realized it was missing, she had asked for assistance to search the drains and retrieve it, but “no one had ever come to help”.

Evelin added that she had not decided what she wanted to do with the rat now that it was safely returned, or whether she planned on keeping it.



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