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Girl assaults mother outside Lahore High Court

LAHORE: The relationship between a mother and daughter turned sour when a girl physically attacked her mother after contracting a freewill marriage.

The incident took place outside the Lahore High Court when a woman came to meet her daughter before the court proceedings. Instead, the girl turned a lifetime worth of upbringing and care by slapping her mother in broad daylight.

The people present around stopped them from the scuffle, but could not fathom that a disobedient daughter could assault her own parents. They court premises turned into a battleground as both scuffled until they were separated.

Although the state and religion allow freedom of marriage among consenting adults, but the incident shows the moral decay now prevalent in our society and the degradation of norms and traditions.

A lawyer speaking to ARY News said that children will treat their parents as per their upbringing. Therefore, she said that the parents are also to be blamed for the incident.

Others decried the incident terming it rather shameful and said that freewill marriages should be conducted after mutual consultation of the elders or village council, which will help reduce such incidents in the future.



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