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Girl denied flat in Mumbai for being Muslim

India is home to 10% of the world’s Muslim population, which amount to almost 180 million people. However, as the nation boasts on one hand of being the world’s largest democracy, on the other hand it has also failed to contain violence, extremism and discrimination against Muslims. Recently, a 25 year old Muslim girl by the name of Misbah Qadri was denied a flat at a posh locality in Mumbai, on the basis of her religion.

Whilst her flatmates were successful in getting a house, Misbah was forced to sign a bond stating that she would be responsible in case of any hate crime that would take place against her. If that wasn’t enough, the broker also threatened to take her to the police if she refused to vacate the house.

“I have been forcefully asked to vacate the house only because I am a Muslim. Even in the plush areas and societies of this city, where I am ready to pay the desired amount, I am given the worst plot,” she said while speaking to an Indian news channel.

Misbah stated that she used to avoid raising her voice in regards to such incidents but would not remain quite anymore. She said that she was determined to raise her voice against such discrimination and oppression. “I earlier had apprehensions with this behavior of people here and I was ignoring it. But now, I have decided that I will not let it go and raise my voice against this racial discrimination,” she said.

Most recently, an MBA graduate from Mumbai was also denied a job in a leading diamond export company as he alleged that he was told the company does not hire Muslims.



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