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Girl, 8, spends two days with father’s body who died of COVID-19

A sorrowful incident has come forth in India, the worst-affected country by coronavirus pandemic, where an eight-year-old girl spent two days with her father’s body who succumbed to COVID-19 in Patna.

The incident took place in Patna, the capital city of India’s Bihar state, where a 45-year-old man had died of coronavirus in NTPC Colony of Patna’s Ward Number 32 in East Ram Krishna Nagar neighbourhood.

However, no one was there to help him but her innocent daughter did not realise that her father has passed away. She has reportedly kept talking with her father’s body and slept alongside him for the whole night.

On the next day, she found the mobile phone of her father and started playing video games after waking up in the morning. After some time, a friend of her father called him which was received by his daughter and told him that he was sleeping.

girl father body covid-19 india

The friend turned suspicious and then called again on his number for a video call and asked the girl to turn the camera towards her father.

After watching the video, he realised that her father was dead and immediately informed the local administration to reach his house, however, the officials took a long time for providing assistance to them.

The COVID-positive body was taken out of the residence by the officials and later sent to the crematorium to perform the last rites.

According to the Indian media reports, the daughter of the deceased man was kept near to her house and the health officials collected samples of the girl for coronavirus tests. The family is reportedly belonging to Nalanda’s Hilsa and residing in Madhuban Colony of Patna in a rented house.

It emerged that the wife of the deceased man, identified as Ram Krishan, was not living with him. Ram Krishan has owned a hardware shop at Patna Junction and was living with her eight-year-old daughter in a rented house.



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