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Girl, 15, killed by bus when she crossed road looking at mobile phone

A schoolgirl faced death after being hit by a bus while crossing the road outside her school with keeping her eyes on mobile phone and wearing headphones.

A schoolgirl was killed when she walked in front of a bus outside her school while looking down at her mobile phone and wearing headphones, an inquest heard.

The incident took place outside King Edward VII College in Coalville, Leicestershire on January 28 last year where the 15-year-old girl, Sian Ellis, hit by a bus on the road while looking at her phone.

Girl bus mobile phone headphones

The girl sustained serious injuries after being struck by the double-decker. Ellis was pronounced dead at the scene, Loughborough Coroner’s Court heard.

Her family has now issued a warning to other youngsters to avoid using phones near traffic, Dailymail UK reported.

‘Whilst we have to come to terms with this tragic accident, we must try to help others learn from it and to stress the dangers of the use of mobile phones and the distractions that these can cause when walking by and crossing busy roadways.

‘We see this every day and hope that, if anything good can come from this, it is that other children (and adults) will have learned not to put themselves in similar danger.’

A forensic collision investigator told the hearing of CCTV footage caught a girl matching Sian’s description shortly before the accident. It showed the girl ‘walking through the school grounds wearing a scarf around her head and looking down at her mobile phone’, the inquest heard.



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