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Minor girl orders food online, app glitch sends 42 riders to her home

In an interesting incident, a seven-year-old girl ordered food online but she left surprised when, after a few minutes, 42 riders reached at her home with the same order in Cebu City, Philippines.    

According to the details, the incident took place on 25th of November when the girl ordered some chicken cullets for herself and her mother in Cebu City.


She had to place the order herself as her parents were not home. Her parents deliberately left one smartphone at home and she ordered lunch on the Foodpanda app.

Soon after the order was placed, a narrow street in Barangay Mabolo, where the girl lives with her family, witnessed the arrival of as many as 42 bike riders with Foodpanda packages, Times Now News reported.

The girl received food from as many as 42 riders when the app she used to order food glitched out.

Dann Kayne Suarez, who is from the same area, covered the incident via Facebook live. She explained that multiple parcels of the same order were delivered because the girl repeatedly tapped the app when it was not functioning properly.

The original order was for PHP 189 but it went up to PHP 7,945 because of the glitch.



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