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Girl trio takes you through 50 years of Bollywood!

50 years of Bollywood songs covered in a meager four minutes! And yes, all with costume changes and different choreographed moves, all within the confines of a car!

The latest video sensation to hit the internet features three girls belonging to the Bangalore comic group The Enthu Cutlets. The girls enact some of Bollywood’s most popular songs throughout 50 years with choreographed moves and changing costumes.

Commencing from Eena Meena Deeka, the girls lip sync Shammi Kapoor’s famous song Chahe koi mujhe janglee kahe. As the girls continue jogging our memories with old Indian hits such as Piya Tu Ab Toh Aja, the wigs and makeups keep on altering to depict the time frame. We enter into the 70s with the trio acting out Dum Maro Dum, Asha Bhonsle’s popular and catchy single. Next we transcend into the 90s with Madhuri Dixit’s popular song Dhak Dhak. Finally, as we near the millennium, the Enthu Cutlets think it wise to introduce Daler Mehndi, turban clad and all!

Slowly but surely, the comedy troupe takes us right back to where we belong, with hits such as Why This Kolaveri Di, Kaanta Laga and Lungi Dance!

Although the spoof is an inspired one from the female comedy group SketchSHE, the three girls really deserve a pat on the back for such a realistic portrayal! Who knew travelling 50 years in Indian film industry would be possible in just four years!

Watch the full clip below.

Mime Through in Bollywood style bollywood girls… by hotclipsurdu



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