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A glance at 3G, 4G spectrum technologies

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is holding an auction for 3G (third generation) and 4G (fourth generation) spectrum technologies today. This report tells the details of the new technologies and what change will they bring in the country, ARY News reports.

Since the past couple of years, auction of 3G and 4G licenses, has been an interested forum of discussion in Pakistan.

Presently, mobile phone companies are providing voice and data services through the conventional 2G technology but with the introduction of 3G technology, the mobile phones will be transformed into a personal computer.

Taking a look back at history, the first generation of wireless technology was introduced in Japan in 1980. The first generation of wireless technology used air waves to transfer data.

The technology which is used today is called “EDGE” (Exchange Data rates for GSM Evolution) but the mobile phone users will be given access to faster internet speeds, faster transfer rates and much more when the new technology will be introduced in Pakistan. With 3G technology, any file can be downloaded to your mobile phone just like in a computer. Internet browsing, texting and sharing will be easy like the wind.

In Pakistan, mobile phones have a frequency from 900 to 1800 mega-hertz. According to experts, 1800 to 2100 mega-hertz will be provided for 3G technologies, which will benefit the mobile companies. According to a survey, 15 million mobile users in the country utilize their cell phones for internet surfing.

The beginning of 3G and 4G spectrum technologies will change the dynamics of mobile phones in Pakistan; the new technologies will also help generate jobs in the country.



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