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Goat Simulator: Waste of Space now available on Xbox One

Anyone who isn’t familiar with the game Goat Simulator really should be. It’s a game in which you play as a goat in an open world in a period of sci-fi oversaturation.

The latest Goat Simulator, entitled “Waste of Space,” is now available on Xbox One, Natalie Wicks, Community Associate at Double Eleven who co-produced the game said in blog post.

The story revolves around a space colony that is in turmoil and it is the player’s goal to convince people to crowd fund the space colony through the parody company Crowdkicker.

“After the epic chase, the human settlers of a nearby colony managed to secure access to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, Pilgor, a fearless space-goat with enough raw headbutt power to destroy an entire planet. Or save an entire colony,” explains Wicks.


However, this time it is up to young padawan without whom the space colony falls into chaos. “We’re not the high-tech space power we used to be. Just take a walk around and you’ll see derelict, half-completed buildings.”

This is where players come in and see this new thing that young people are doing called ‘crowd funding’. This involves taking money from lots of different people, so players have to headbutt people and steal their cash.

Players can also earn extra space bucks by completing jobs around the base, winning races and inspiring the crew through the acts of brilliance which make them a hero.

The colony has several features such as a Commando Bridge, where players can learn all of the skills such as diplomacy, accuracy and yelling at tricky aliens.

There is also state of the art Test Labs, where players can test the very nature of physics with support from the galaxy’s best scientists and cows. The announcement trailer is below.



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