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#GoHomeIndianMedia becomes top Twitter trend

Infuriated by the reporting carried out by the Indian news channels, Twitteratis started the trend #GoHomeIndianMedia which became the top trend on the social media website – surprisingly on the World Press Freedom Day on Sunday.

The people of Nepal are blaming the Indian journalists of toeing the public responses of the Indian government. The Indian media has been accused of constantly reminding the people about their country’s relief work and donations.

However, several Indians also lambasted their country’s own channels over their reporting style.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also congratulated his country’s media over the ‘brave coverage’ of the disaster and stated that it was the 125 crore population of India who extended the help.

However, @DanHusain had different opinions about Modi’s remarks as he tweeted this picture.

The Indian media is also being criticized of its sensationalist journalism and are looking for more dramatic headlines and stories to outdo each other.

It is also being stated that the Indian reporters are interfering with the relief work for the victims. The media persons are being accused of using the transport helicopters for their own journalistic purposes.

Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar stated:

Sijan Dangol wrote an strong worded letter to Indian media and reporters lambasting them of their reporting of the earthquake rescue work.



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