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Going Desi: Zayn Malik’s latest song has been sung in Urdu

This will come as a shock and pleasant surprise for Pakistani fans of Zayn Malik. Apparently, there’s a track from his latest album that released today titled Mind Of Mine in which the singer has sung the song in Urdu!

According to details, the name of the song is Flower and it contains the lyrics  Jab tak is mohabbat ke phool na khilay / Tab tak is dill ko sukoon na miley. The latest song sung in Urdu seems to be a direct ode to the rapper’s Pakistani origin.

Previously as well, Zayn has acknowledged his Pakistani lineage when thanked his parents after winning an award at the Asian Awards last year for ‘making me Asian, and for allowing me to have some sort of effect on the Asian community.’

Zayn Malik parted ways last year with One Direction to pursue a solo music career. His song PillowTalk a couple of months ago became one of the most popular songs of this year and also featured his rumoured girlfriend Gigi Hadid in the music video.



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