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Gol gappay vendor jailed for mixing toilet cleaner in water

AHMEDABAD: After running a case for seven years, a special court of India’s Ahmedabad city sentenced a gol gappay vendor for six months imprisonment for mixing toilet cleaner in gol gappay water.

After receiving several complaints of adulteration in gol gappay water by the vendor, Nanji Marvadi, the case was filed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) in the local adulteration court in 2009.

The residents of the area had also complained that the vendor created nuisance for the public by throwing the leftover water on the road.

AMC sent samples of the water to the food testing laboratory of Gujarat state. The lab test revealed the presence of oxalic acid which is used in toilet cleaners.

The special court found Marvadi as guilty while sentencing him to six months in jail. The accused had claimed that there was no evidence which could prove him guilty. However, special advocate Manoj Khandhar argued that the accused had committed serious crime regarding public health.



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