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Gone are the days of G3: Siraj to Altaf

Addressing a huge rally at Shahrah e Pakistan here, Siraj ul Haq lamented that ‘this city extended its support to Altaf Hussain and his group [Muttahida Qaumi Movement], voted in favor of them sending them to assemblies, but in return this city was defamed and gifted with the culture of terrorism, extortion and kidnapping for ransom’.

“Arrested target-killers confessed their doings and the MQM chief next day suggested them to have sidelined themselves at the time of raid at party’s headquarters, saving it from defamation,” he castigated.

He said that the relationship between Jamaat e Islami and Karachi is almost ’20-22 years old’ and said that an end to tyranny is near and peace will be restored here soon.

Siraj stressed that a peaceful Karachi is the need of 18 crore masses of the country, this city has favors onto Pakistan and the entire nation prays for its peace and prosperity.

Selection or Election

The JI emir said that the Karachi populace demands a true election here, not selection as witnessed in the past.

He quoted former MQM MNA Nabeel Gabol as saying that the polls were massively rigged here and that he was told to have ‘a sound sleep as he was only meant to win the election’.

Parallel governments in Karachi

He said that there have long been two parallel governments in the metropolis, one that of elected representatives and the other of sector in-charges.

Siraj ul Haq urged the people to decide whether they want a government intended to serve them and to implement merit or want the highhandedness of sector in-charges to prevail.

He claimed that April 23 will mark an ‘end to sector in-charges’ bullying here’.

During the address, the rally resounded with ‘Go Altaf Go’ chants several times.

‘Gone are the days of G3’

In his message to the MQM chief, Siraj ul Haq said “Altaf Bhai gone are the days of G3, this is an era of 3G”.

He also suggested Altaf Hussain to withdraw his candidate from NA-246, in order to save his ‘prestige’.

Scuffles during election campaign

The JI emir said that he was told that MQM activists and supporters pelted stones and thrashed his party workers with batons during an election rally.

“I replied the one who told me that this indicates their [MQM] defeat in the by-election, had the people been supporting them, they would not resort to wielding batons,” he said.

“Whatever witnessed in the past, but now even the United States and the United Kingdom cannot save MQM from losing the by-election,” he claimed.

Criticism of Sindh government

He slammed that the law enforcers apprehended killers and it was revealed that they were on the payroll of the government.

The JI chief said this was all being done ‘right under the nose of the provincial government’.

He, on a lighter note, inquired the charged activists which day the CM Sindh gets awakened, so that he may explain to him what was going on under him.

Lack of tolerance

Siraj ul Haq castigated that his workers were chanting ‘Allah o Akbar’ while a rally was passing by from Liaquatabad and suggested the ones, who cannot even tolerate Allah o Akbar or Durood o Salam, ‘to go to Britain’.

Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and this politics of bullying will not work here anymore, he slammed.



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