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Goods transporters stand divided on Feb 4 strike

According to details, United Goods Transport Alliance has announced to observe a strike on February 4 and not to bring vehicles on roads. The other faction, Pakistan Goods Alliance, however opposed the strike call and announced to hold a rally instead.

Nisar Hussain, president of Pakistan Goods Alliance, said that strike is no solution to issue and that Federal Minister of Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael assured of resolving their problems.

He added that the minister urged them to continue routine activities at ports and promised to ensure safety of transporters.

Hussain said talks are also underway with provincial government on sales tax, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and motorway police expressing hope that soon their issues will be addressed.

“We will not at all go on a strike and bring transport on roads,” he asserted.

Shoaib Khan, spokesperson for the other group in favor of strike, lamented that the government has adopted delaying tactics towards their problems for past one year.

He lambasted that our vehicles are often kidnapped and robbed on highways, while it has become impossible for them to run the business due to ‘heavy taxes’ imposed by the FBR.

Khan, on the contrary to Pakistan Goods Alliance, vowed that his group will observe a strike on February 4.



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