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Here’s what Google looked on first day of its launching in 1998

The internet’s most popular search engine Google has overtaken our lives so systematically that even our cognitive abilities are risking stagnation.

Google has so much evolved over the years since it was actually launched in 1998.

While the primary colors in the logo and clean white background have stayed the same, the search has changed a lot over the years.

Here’s what looked like the first day it launched.

Google 1998


And here’s how it looks now after 19 years

google search engine



And here’s what a  search page looked like. You can find this page today by doing this nifty search.

Google first started in a garage as a research project by Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Evolution  over the years

Google evolution


You’ve probably already noticed  Doodle videos marking different occasions. But in the search bar, type in ” 1998.” You’ll see what the search results for the name “Google” were back then.



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