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Google pays tribute to actress Nargis, who begins to trend on Twitter

Even Google realized the services and artistic contributions that Bollywood actress Nargis Dutt had provided the Indian cinema industry with, by creating a doodle of the late actress, on the Google home page. According to Alexa, the home page of the Google search engine is the number one ranked page in the entire world.

Nargis was a leading actress of her time, who secured many awards and accolades for her stellar performances, as an actress in Bollywood. In 1957, her movie Mother India became the first ever Bollywood flick to be nominated for an Academy Award, for the Best Foreign Language Film. For the very same performance, she also bagged a Filmfare award for the Best Actress. Nargis had made her debut in the Indian film industry in 1942 with the film Tamanna. 


A photograph of Nargis from her hey days


Nargis was also famous for her alleged affair with Bollywood superstar Raj Kapoor. Also, it is rumored that Nargis fell in love with her husband-to-be Sunil Dutt, when a fire erupted on the sets of Mother India and Sunil valiantly leapt in to save her. The two got married and Nargis gave birth to popular Indian actor Sanjay Dutt, who is counted among Bollywood’s A-list actor at present.

Nargis succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 51 in 1981. Her legacy lives on through a foundation that her husband Sunil Dutt has established in her name and also through the success of her son Sanjay Dutt. Nargis is counted among one of those actresses who propelled Bollywood to new heights with her artistic talent and skills as an actress.


Trending on Pakistan

By the afternoon, ‘Nargis’ was trending on Twitter in Pakistan, thanks to Google’s doodle on the actress and the media’s coverage of this tribute.

A screengrab of Twitter where ‘Nargis’ is shown trending in Pakistan — taken at around 3 pm Pakistan Time.



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