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Gorgeous Viccaji interacts with Kalash people

While exploring dazzlingly beautiful sanctums of northern areas of Pakistan, where she has shot her latest song ‘Ho Jao Azad’, she meets and interacts with local people. She is accompanied by co-musicians.

Kalasha valleys are surrounded by enchanting sky-kissing Hindu Kush mountain range, which has been vociferously praised by Allama Muhammed Iqbal in his poem ‘Hamala’. He has dubbed the mountain range as Wall of Hindustan. “You are a complete ‘tajalli’ for the insightful spectators,” Iqbal said.


Culture, language and the form of ancient Hinduism the Kalash people follow are magnets for people world over, hence a large number of foreign tourists visit these valleys every year.


Under a spell of Kalasha valleys, Viccaji wished everybody had a chance to visit this place at least for once.

“I hope all of you get one chance in your lives to come visit Kalaash valley. I feel like I’m in a dream- the people and the culture is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!!” she wrote on her social media accounts with a video.


The lady singer can be seen wearing Kalashi clothes which she has chosen for her.



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