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Government asks Sanjay to surrender today

Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt who went to jail yesterday on 9th January to surrender as his 14 days leave of absence got expired was sent back home since his application seeking extension was under process. However, the actor has been called to surrender by the jail authorities as his extension of furlough has been rejected.

The government of Maharashtra is in serious nervousness to deal with this high profile criminal case in which this megastar of Bollywood is involved. When Sanjay Dutt was given repeated parole and furlough in his 42 months incarceration a controversy erupted in India and people started questioning the government of Maharstra’s dual standard of treating with the criminals.

Now the government officials have taken a firm decision on the case by not extending Dutt’s furlough. The officials have asked him to surrender today. The star came out on 14 days furlough on 24th December 2014 to celebrate New Year with the family.




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