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Governments come and go, PPP will remain forever: Zardari

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party co-chairmen Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday said that the party also worked for the national interests of the country.

Addressing a Pakistan Day event, the former president said governments will come and go but the PPP will remain forever in the history of the nation.

“PPP has a long history during which we have always prioritised the sanctity and security of the country,” he said. The party workers erupted with applause and slogans of the PPP leader.

Zardari said the whenever given the opportunity, the PPP gave back power to the people, and accepted the ‘NRO elections’ just for the sake of democracy.

“When we apologised to Balochistan, raised the issue of Khyber Pakhtunkwa, we were strongly criticised,” he said but added they learnt lessons from the world.

He gave the example of Syria which is embroiled in a brutal civil war because there is no chance given for dialogue. He said they are proud that Pakistan abstained on the Syrian issue during their era.

The former president said they raised the slogan of ‘Pakistan Khappay‘ (We Want Pakistan) to safeguard the integrity and unity of the country.

“We need to protect Pakistan. The land of Pakistan, our children, future generations, we need to safeguard it for them,” said Zadari adding it is their sole identity.

He said that the government leaders have developed arrogance of dictators such as Saddam Hussain, who considered themselves above the law thinking they could get away with impunity.

Hs said that the government is not interested in the issues of the common man, and providing basic facilities such as water, employment or rights to farmers, but was just interesting in roads and motorways which will not develop the nation.



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